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RETIRE IN STYLE – 1. Plan Around Your Goals

1.Plan Around Your Goals.

One of the most common reasons people do not succeed financially is that they do not have a plan in place. We all know that the chances of success are so much higher with a clearly defined plan but how many of us have one in place to achieve our financial goals?

It is important to identify what your goals are, both lifestyle and financial, and work a plan around this. In this way it will give you the incentive to know that you have a plan that is realistic and achievable and provides you the drive to do the things necessary to make sure it happens.

But here’s the thing – very few people have a financial plan in place. It’s not that they plan to fail rather they fail to plan. ‘Ignorance is bliss’ will not help when it comes to your retirement and having the nest egg to ‘Retire in Style’.

The myth is that you will have enough, without quite knowing firstly how much is enough and secondly how you are going to build it. You can’t let apathy or ignorance be a determining factor to your future lifestyle. Your family’s future is too important for that. Spend some time. Sit down with someone who understands how critical this is and has the skills to identify your goals in a simplistic way. That way, you can be involved in the decision making process to ensure it works out exactly how you envisage.


That whilst most people have financial success in their top 3 goals alongside family and health, only 10% of people actually achieve it? Did you also know that 80% of people retire with $100,000 or less of ‘nest egg’ assets? If you want to do more? Get in touch and we can get you on track to help you achieve your financial goals (08) 9440 7100.

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